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Painting by Lori Lees-Stout

Storm Watcher - 24" x 12" - Varnished watercolour / gouche on woodboard.


Artist Biography
Lori Lees-Stout


Art has always been a part of my life, from a small child to art classes in high school and during my education degree at the University of Alberta. After graduating I continued to experiment with different art forms and take a variety of workshops.

Vancouver Artist Lori Lees-Stout

I started with drawing classes and then progressed to oil paintings where I focused on still life and landscapes, mainly mountain scenes. I found the clean up in oils and the dry time frustrating so I switched to watercolours. The change in medium also led to a change in subject matter and has eventually migrated to my current style. In this progression, I spent several years doing fabric painting as well as room murals.


I often look past the obvious image I see to the shades, colours and shapes within and around that image. Sometimes it is just a part of something that I am interested in or even what may be around the image that we cannot see.


Adhering my watercolour paper onto a cradle board before starting a painting is my new passion. With a painted edge and a varnish coat of UV protection as the final step, it allows the option to leave the painting unframed.


For over 25 years I have been fortunate enough to exhibit and sell my work in art shows, galleries, restaurants and coffee shops in Calgary, White Rock, Surrey, Victoria, Invermere, Fairmont and Cranbrook.


My art style has changed over the years and I hope it will continue to grow and change. Something new is always out there to inspire us to take a risk.




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