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Something to Bark About

Cheryl Willard

Oh my gosh! That is her!! It brought tears to my eyes. I will treasure this forever. Thank you so much, Lori! You've captured her essence in a way that no photograph ever could!

Deb Hergenhein

Paintings have arrived safely. As David and I sit back and enjoy them before wrapping them up, we are impressed with your ability to capture Chewie and Chloe's personalities. Well done! Thank you!

Karen Irvine

When I first set eyes on this beautiful painting of my little guy, I was taken aback at how you had captured him, his very essence, it was like I had him back again. I have missed him terribly, and it brought tears to my eyes looking into his eyes, and seeing him, really seeing him, again. Thank you. A cherished gift. And the colours you have chosen are magical. 

Waiting for the Guests

Lori you have painted our family's wedding venues since our wedding in 1980. It was a given that you would be asked to do so again for our daughter's wedding, then our older sons. A tradition, you and I said.  In this painting Lori you have captured and held onto the magic and love of my daughter's wedding day. You have paid attention to every minute detail, from the special log design to the vibrant colours, to the flowers, painting the character of this beautiful heritage home into every stroke. You even made sure some of the flowers out front were flowers from her wedding bouquet. You took time to aptly name the painting.  The matting and framing so nicely complimented the painting, and it is a very special keepsake hanging front and centre in my daughter's home. Thank you, you have designed, then painted, a cherished memory. 

And the Party Begins

This wasn’t an easy undertaking, and you pulled it off amazingly! You carefully studied then sketched the unique design of the Vandusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver for our older son's 2018 wedding. You made great efforts to get it just right. The colours are vibrant and warm, and you made sure you included some of the beautiful nearby pond for me. My absolute favourite, however, are the guests! You painted myself and the mom of the bride in our exact colours, and added our adorable flower girl! My son and his wife were absolutely thrilled and honoured you’d paint their special day, etched into memory with this lovely painting. And again you took time to aptly name this painting. Thank you. 

Bonnie Weiss

Our special furry family members have forever been immortalized by Lori’s special paintings- which have totally captured the personality of these critters who will forever be a part of our lives. So special to have - one passed away shortly after Lori finished the painting and his collar hangs from his painting. Thank you for sharing your special talent.

B. Singer

I have several of Lori’s pieces. I love her use of bright colours and imagination. So when I came up with the idea of fish in a bird cage who better to commission. She did a fabulous job. It came out exactly as I envisioned and I love it.

Carol Scott

We commissioned a painting from Lori and were very pleased with the results.
Every time I see it I am filled with joy and wonder. She perfectly captured the metamorphosis of a glass wing butterfly. The play of light on the leaves was magical.

It was a gift for our daughter, who said it “gives me a feeling of love and warmth, like sunshine in spring.” She also likes Lori’s use of vibrant colours with good contrast.

Craig gave me the painting of Franklin last week, and I couldn't be happier with it. I love it so much! You did an incredible job and I can't wait to give it to my girlfriend for Christmas.

Thank you again,

and we will honestly treasure this for years and years.


Gavin Clark

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